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Translate & certify documents

Translate & certify documents

When applying for the approbation, foreign applicants must ensure that the documents they submit meet the requirements of the licensing authorities. In the following we show in which form the documents have to be submitted and where you can have your documents translated.

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Requirements of the approbation authorities

In order for foreign physicians to apply for the approbation, the documents to be submitted must meet certain requirements:

Translation by a sworn translator in Germany

With regard to the documents for the application for the approbation, it should be noted that all foreign-language documents must be translated into German. The documents must be translated by a publicly appointed or sworn translator in Germany. It must be recognizable that the translator has made a translation of the original document in the national language.

Officially certified copies

Please note that when applying for the approbation, you should only enclose officially certified copies. Do not send any proofs in the original and no simple copies! Official certifications are usually made in Germany by the citizens‘ offices or by a notary. You will need the following versions of the documents:

  1. Officially certified copy of the German translation + copy of the original document in the national language attached by the translator.
  2. Officially certified copy of the original document in the country’s language

Hague Apostille

In preparation for the application for the approbation, the diploma/certificate of completion of medical training and, if applicable, the professional license must also be provided with a Hague Apostille. However, only if the possibility exists in principle in your country of training. Alternatively, the documents can be legalized by the German Embassy in the country of training.

What documents need to be officially translated?

The following documents must be translated by a translator who is publicly appointed or sworn in Germany in order to apply for the license to practice medicine:

  • Proof of completed education:
    • detailed list of subjects, including the number of hours taught per subject,
    • list of subjects and grades,
    • Proof of completion of practical training.
  • Proof of identity (e.g. passport or identity card)
  • Birth certificate / extract from the family register
  • In case of name change: proof / certificate of name change (e.g. marriage certificate)
  • Criminal record certificate (the certificate must not be older than three months at the time of departure),
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Which documents require a Hague Apostille?

The following documents require a Hague Apostille:

  • Diploma or degree certificate of medical education
  • Professional license

Leon Pobuda

Managing Director of Approbatio
Personnel Psychologist (M.Sc.)

Mr. Pobuda studied psychology in Göttingen with a focus on personnel psychology and health and sports psychology. Within his scientific work he researches the leadership behavior of physicians. Mr. Pobuda’s main occupation is managing director of the personnel consultancy for physicians „Approbatio“.

Note: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information presented here, as the requirements for applying for the approbation may differ from state to state. Please obtain additional information from the responsible institutions.

Author: Leon Pobuda

Position: CEO from Approbatio

Updated: 24.03.2022

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