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With the help of our native speakers, anyone can have their CV professionally translated quickly and easily. Just send us your CV. We will translate your CV. We will also check whether your CV meets German standards. If you wish, we will transfer your CV into a modern design.

Prerequisite for the approbation

A large number of documents are needed to apply for a licence to practise medicine. These have to be painstakingly gathered together and meet different requirements. With our CV check, you will receive a CV with which you can easily apply for the licence to practise medicine.

Improves the chances of getting a job

With a representative and professional CV you will stand out from all other applicants. With our excellent CV update, your likelihood of getting a job in a German hospital or medical practice increases.

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Following the payment transaction, you will receive an email to which you send your English-language CV. Send your CV as a Word file.

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Once we have received your CV, our native speakers translate your CV. In addition, we check whether your CV meets German standards.

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After we have professionally translated and improved your CV, you will receive your new CV by e-mail. In addition to the PDF file, you will also receive the Word file.